November 2022 
Just Saying
from Rev. Richard ‘Bud’ Murphy,
UUJF President

Vote as though your life depends upon it.  

Act as though your life depends on it.  


 Take Action Today Notices


An immediate time-sensitive ASK:

Gender-affirming care needs your help!!  

The Florida Board of Medicine will meet Friday, October 28th at 8 am in Orlando to determine if they will ban gender-affirming care for transgender and gender diverse youth in Florida. Here is the full meeting notice. The meeting will take place at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport, 9300 Jeff Fuqua Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32827

Here's how you can help: 

1. Make a virtual comment on the record in just a few clicks using this Action Network template.

2. Show up and give a public comment in support of this life saving healthcare! Look for information about this effort from NOW and others. 

Sent in solidarity, by Kat Duesterhaus, Florida NOW


From Resilience to Restoration 

Building Restoration: After Hurricane Ian and Fiona  

Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022 
Time: 6 PM CT/ 7 PM ET 

Registration Link

Partners: The People’s Justice Council, Alabama Interfaith Power & Light, Gulf Coast Creation Care, Mississippi Rising Coalition, Unitarian Universalist Justice Florida, Texas Impact 

The destruction from Hurricane Ian and Fiona left many devastated. As the death toll continues to rise, families ripped apart, and tragic loss we invite you all to this month's From Resilience to Restoration meeting.  

This meeting is dedicated to highlighting solutions and promoting restoration after Hurricane Ian and Fiona. The FRtR team is a collaborative dedicated to the training and implementation of how to build From Resilience to Restoration plans for impacted communities. 

The Wednesday discussion and training session will be one of learning to care, planning solutions, and implementing plans after mass destruction.  


UUJF realizes that the need and the urgency may be greater in some locations due to weather events. Thus, we have increased the maximum amount of this opportunity. This is one way UUJF can assist our congregations to apply UU values in the public arena--strengthening partnerships in your communities.  

UUJF Funding Announcement 

Congregational Member Funding Opportunity

UU Justice Florida (UUJF) is offering a funding opportunity to kick start, energize or supplement your Unitarian Universalist inspired outreach work. 

What we are offering  

UUJF is offering grants of up to $2,000.00 to aid a UU group’s work that supports UU Justice Florida’s major goal of promoting justice, equity and compassion in public policy in Florida. UUJF’s core issues are Democracy in Action, Environmental Justice, Public Health and Safety, Immigration Reform and LGBTQ+ and Gender Justice. This can include UUtheVote work.  

Request an application here

Applicants need to complete the Google Application form to receive funding for your UU group’s work and submit it to UUJF for review and acceptance.  Once your request is approved by the UUJF Board, you, your minister or/and Board president will be sent the approved application and they will be asked to acknowledge your grant and plans. Please remember, your project’s purpose(s) must align with UU Justice Florida’s goals and core issues as described above.   

Your responsibilities  

You will be responsible for saving receipts of expenditures and writing a simple narrative report regarding the results of your project within 6 months of grant acceptance. If the project continues past six months, a preliminary report and receipts collected to that point needs to be submitted, with a final report and receipts by the end of 12 months.

More detailed information will accompany the application. 


The Right to Clean and Healthy Water 

Join with the Florida Right to Clean Water campaign at 6pm on Thursday, Nov 10th, for a presentation of the next stage of our citizens' initiative. It would not be an overstatement to describe it as a *CRITICAL* meeting of clean water Floridians. Why? We must achieve certain benchmarks by certain times to ensure we get to 900k no later than Nov 30th, 2023:

  • Our March 1st objectives are to hit 223k signed petitions (to trigger Florida Supreme Court review) and at least $1 Million in funds (to kick off paid petitioning operations).
  • From December 1st through February 28th (three full months), anyone -- organizations, businesses, groups or individuals -- will be able to click into statewide operations (focused at the county level) and help achieve such objectives.
  • From November 10th (or beforehand) until December 1st, we ask that every Floridian organization, business or group who stands for clean water -- learn, discuss and commit in whatever capacity, to whatever extent, to make this happen.
  • Subscribe to to receive the Zoom link.

UU Justice Florida supports this proposed Amendment to the Florida Constitution establishing the Right to Clean and Healthy Water.  


Legislative Agenda

The 2022 General Election is just days away when we will find out who will be representing us in the US Congress and in the Florida Administration and Legislature for the next two years.  Many of you have been actively involved in Voter Registration and Get-out-the-Vote drives along with efforts to support your favorite candidates for political office. We would like to acknowledge and express our appreciation for your efforts. We invite you to take a few minutes to submit a brief report of what you and members of your congregation have accomplished this campaign season.  Please tell us how many contacts you made, method of contact (phone, text, literature drop?) and messaging. Please also include how many from your congregation or organization participated and name or names of those who led your efforts in an email to

Although you undoubtedly deserve a break and respite from campaigning there is much more that lies ahead when the 2023 Florida Legislature convenes in early March. For an outline of suggested activities and updated Legislative Agenda visit the UUJF website Legislative Advocacy page. 

Please be aware. There is a Special Session scheduled. Meetings start in November to plan and legislation starts to be written and filed. You may hear from UUJF before March concerning issues of importance. Schedule a meeting with your elected official,write a note.  

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Environmental Justice 


Side With Love's Climate Disaster Response Training Series

Were you, your neighborhood, your community and your congregation ready for a Disaster this year?  

In September, the first session was titled Climate Disaster Response: Assessing Climate Impacts & Making Connections. In October, the second session was titled Mobilizing for Action.  

If you missed these two sessions, register for November session and view the recorded sessions before attending the November session.  That take-home materials they offer are excellent. 

Sign up for the November 15 workshop at 7-8:30 pm ET here.



UUJF Climate Resilience Ministry Updates 

Jan Booher, executive director of the Climate Resilience Ministry, facilitates and assists organizations, congregations and advocacy organizations to work together on long term climate resiliency issues impacting them. Read about the initiatives that are being assisted by this Ministry. Does your area have a climate concern and people who want to work together more effectively?

From Resilience to Restoration: Leveraging Houses of Faith to Move the Gulf South initiative Request

Two meetings one in the Panhandle and the second in central Florida convened in October to start communities planning together to move from Resilience to Restoration. 

Ms. Betty's Resilience Hub Learning Center 

A virtual tour was viewed by attendees of the Panhandle October 22nd Resilience to Restoration meeting. Attendees were shown plants growing in the hydroponics project and the storm supplies that had been collected.  The Coalition of 100 Black Women of Central Florida is the lead organization and UUSC and UUJF are engaged. Clean air and healthier community members are major long term goals.

Being a Good Relative 

Being a Good Relative continues in the midst of hurricane devastation of the community. Volunteers with this project continued writing curriculum in the midst of mud shoveling, debris removal and health issues due to clean-up and poor post hurricane sanitation in homes,  shelters and public areas.  

The Ft. Myers Youth Resilience Corps (Replicable Water)

The Ft. Myers Youth Resilience Crops emergency supplies backpack teach-in and delivery project converted to a home delivery backpack project to families in homes that were damaged but still habitable. Community training and follow-up is expected.  


 Events at Congregations

UUJF will be sharing activities happening at our congregations in the future.  Some are on line, others are not.  Just reading what another congregation is doing may give you a great idea for your own congregation. Please share your justice opportunities with our Florida congregations.

Also, we would like to hear how the hurricane may have impacted your congregation and your community. Share your thoughts on how you see justice as it relates to Hurricane Ian and the environment. 


The Sunshine Cluster 

a/k/a The SE Florida Cluster 

“We humans face a defining choice: transition to a civilization dedicated to care for  
one another and the living Earth or bear the consequences.” 

With those words, David Korten inspired and motivated attendees at the beginning of “Ecological Civilization; Earth, Religion and the Human Future as the Sunshine Cluster’s Annual Meeting on Saturday,15 October 2022 opened. Korten reminded listeners that in order to actualize our human potential and secure our future everyone needs to limit top-down dominator control and build a bottom-up collaborative. He reminded all of us that our current consumptive lifestyle does not contribute to human wellbeing and that our society needs a “Great Turning.” He talked about the Earth Charter and a focus on caring for Earth’s people that he discerned in Pope Francis’s Laudato Si.

Aly Tharp from GreenFaith talked about Environmental Activism which can mean locking yourself to trees and fighting pipelines with blockades. She talked about Faiths for Climate Justice current series of earth justice events. [Ecological Civilization was one of the events.]  She mentioned local Green Faith Climate Circles where earth communities are built.    

Lucy Hitchcock stressed the importance of small groups. She said, “our visions are the paths we follow through the devastation, to look further ahead like our ancestors did, to extend, hold on and evolve.” In a small group Rabbi Barry Silver said, “we are too quiet, too passive. We need to challenge the status quo.” And Michael Cox from Cedars UU Church in Bainbridge, WA, talked about the Interfaith Climate Circle that was formed in his community under the UUA Green Sanctuary program.  

It was a full afternoon, stimulating and heartfelt. Link here for the recording. Link here for a Resource sheet. 

Submitted by Steve Jens-Rochow 

The Sunshine Cluster, a//k/a/ Southeast Cluster is reporting this event as a Faiths 4 Climate Justice 2022 global multi-faith action 

02 October-06 November 2022

greenfaith international network 

UU Justice Florida has endorsed the goals of Greenfaith for Climate Justice and thanks the Cluster for its commitment to a better future.


Pride Parade in Orlando-- UUs Say Gay 

First Unitarian Church of Orlando and University Unitarian Universalist Fellowship joined forces to “Say Gay” in Pride Parade this October.  Rev. Margalie of 1U pictured from the truck, Rev. Barrett from University UU Fellowship standing. 


News and Events from UU Wider World and UUJF


Race to Election Day: Fall Flex for 4 Million!

UUtheVote's Fall Flex for 4 Million leverages the power of our national, state, and local networks to #VoteLove and #DefeatHate in critical ballot measures and combat the voter suppression laws that have made it more difficult for people to vote.  Learn more and join us!  Write, telephone, text in support of issues of importance and to encourage registration and informed voting.  Choose an activity, select a time, choose a state. 


Southern Region

Southern Region Leadership training continues. If you have completed sessions one and two and did not have time to attend Session three, now is the time. Third session: Justice is what Love Looks Like in Public. The Breakthrough LE will run from January to April 2023.  

Please note: in order to proceed with this event Southern Region must have a minimum of 20 participants registered no later than December 16th. Register for the Breakthrough LE here

Also, the entire series will be offered again in the spring. Discuss this offer with others in your congregation. This is an opportunity to learn and share with leaders and learners from all over the Southern Region.  

UUJF will reimburse up to 4 members of a UU congregation.   Send your proof of payment to with name, congregation name, email address, telephone number and your mailing address.


Southern Region - UUA 

Hurricane Season Update 
Southern Region staff is in the process of reaching out to congregations that may have been impacted by Hurricanes Ian and Fiona.   
The UUA Disaster Relief Fund is available to Unitarian Universalist congregations and related organizations. The disaster relief fund can help congregations care for their buildings and the needs of their members, as well as provide support for their wider community partners, especially those who may not be eligible for other grant programs.  
Additionally, the UU Trauma Response Ministry may be able to provide care and resources to congregations affected by a natural disaster.  
Many are asking how to help. At this time, the best way to help Unitarian Universalists and UU congregations recover from recent natural disasters is to contribute to the UUA's Disaster Relief Fund if you are in a position to do so. 
Southern Region thanks you for your care and concern.


Unitarian Universalist Association 

Remember: it never is over.  Keep the faith and keep showing up.  
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